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Kaitlyn is a natural born spiritual medium, currently residing in Denver, CO.  She went to massage school in Taos, NM in 1996 and practiced at top spas in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.  After 15 years, Kaitlyn shifted her practice to readings only.  This allowed her to communicate more closely with her clients and better support their needs 

Over the years Kaitlyn has attended gallery readings by several different world renowned mediums and became inspired to start her journey to connect with others in a group setting.  However, she saw that many clients would leave a gallery reading feeling even more lost and in need of help. In seeing this, Kaitlyn chose to host smaller groups so that every person will be read and leaves with a message.  Kaitlyn also found that continued care and support to her clients after a reading is where she finds success. 

Kaitlyn is passionate about her work.  She finds joy in helping her clients find the best tools to succeed in health and overall happiness. 

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