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I facilitate communications with those who have crossed over.  Connecting to friends, loved ones, and even those who have only crossed paths with you, healing a part within that has been needing answers. 

I read the past, present, and future.  I help you understand your path and what direction to take with work, relationships, and life overall.  I provide a safe place to express yourself and help you feel heard and validated.  I am able to find pivotal moments you experienced, find the triggers, and help you release them so you can move forward. 

Our pets are connected to us on a deep soul level. I can communicate to them and help you understand behaviours, health issues, and especially end of life decisions. Pets often have the same physical challenges we do because they take on our issues. They are our angels here to help clear and take on what we cannot process.  As a medium I can also connect to animals that have crossed over, to heal old regrets and create understanding that our pets love unconditionally. 

I scan the body for any deficiencies and disease.  Physical disease is linked to emotional "dis-Ease".  I use Emotional Based Therapy to bring attention to the physical emotional blockage creating the physical disease.  I help by suggesting alternative modalities and bring attention to how you can heal your own body.

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